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The Internet is becoming one of the most effective information and teaching resources available today. With the proliferation of low-cost computers, more and more families are going online to the see what the internet has to offer. As a result, thousands of web sites have popped up to help families find useful information for entertainment, education and fun. Unfortunately, Web sites promoting pornography, drug use, violence, and hate have also become prolific, making them difficult to avoid.

How to get the software:

In order to download our Parental Control filtering software, you must have an ACN Dial-Up internet account. If you are a member, log in to your account. After you have logged in using the username and password you selected when signing up for our service, you will then click the "My Services" icon and then click the "Filtering" option.

More About Web Content Filtering

It's up to us - parents, educators, and Internet Service Providers - to help our children get the best the Net has to offer, without the distraction of questionable content. ACN Internet Services is proud to offer its Parental Control Filtering Service FREE to all subscribers. Here are some of the many benefits of the service:

  • Continuous monitoring and protection even if you change browsers
  • World's largest list of blocked Web pages, totaling in the hundreds of thousands
  • Aided by proprietary software tools, a staff of human "web browsers" visually examines thousands of sites per day to determine what should be blocked. Human review means we can block objectionable material without inadvertently blocking acceptable content
  • Parents can override filtering with user name and password. Kids can't get around it
  • Daily updates to list of blocked sites are automatic and require no effort on your part. Thousands of new sites are reviewed and added to the block list daily

So, if protecting your friends and family from pornography, violence and hate on the Internet is important to you, then ACN is the Internet service you need! ACN Internet Services is dedicated to providing high quality Internet solutions and services to both residential and business customers across the country.

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