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In order to provide our customers with the best defense against spam and e-mail viruses, ACN now offers MailRover powered by Postini, the leader in anti-spam and virus protection according to PC Magazine and Business 2.0.

E-mail spam is a nuisance and a drain on your time and resources. Viruses can infect your computer, causing poor performance and possibly making the personal information saved on your computer available to Internet thieves. ACN's MailRover powered by Postini automatically detects spam and viruses sent to your ACN e-mail address and blocks them from reaching your inbox.

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Check to see if MailRover is storing any suspicious mail for you by entering your ACN e-mail address and password below, then click the MailRover Login button. A new window will open, showing you your quarantined e-mail (if any).
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With MailRover powered by Postini, you don't have to waste time wading through unwanted e-mail messages, making your time spent online more productive and more enjoyable. Take control of your of your e-mail with MailRover's advanced customization options.

MailRover does more than just filter e-mail messages. MailRover powered by Postini puts the control of your e-mail in your hands so you can make sure you only get the e-mail you want to receive.

Using the Message Center, ACN customers can customize their MailRover e-mail filtering to meet their specific needs. Customers are able to view and redirect filtered messages, adjust the filtering sensitivity, block specific e-mail addresses and create lists of approved senders so the mail they want to receive never gets blocked.

Defend yourself against spam and viruses today with the most reliable watchdog in the industry: MailRover powered by Postini. MailRover from ACN delivers the best spam and virus protection in the industry, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

NOTE: Current ACN Customers Please Read Here:
If you are already a ACN customer and would like to upgrade your account to include additional MailRover Postini filters, you may upgrade your service plan. To do this, simply log in to your Members Account and visit the "My Services" section. If you would like to log in to your MailRover Postini account, click here.

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